Elisabeth Nygård

Lives: Stadlandet
Born: 2002


Hi Elisabeth! Welcome to the Ervik Surfshop Team! We are so stoked to have you representing us. People are curious, tell us a little bit about yourself…
– I am a 16 year old girl from Stadlandet. My hobbies are surfing, horse back riding and football. I love being out in the nature and I love travelling to other countries. I am a very social nature, so I love to meet new people and make new friends.

You have had a couple of years #skolesurf now, did that anyhow affected your interest in surfing?
– Yes. I had tried surfing before we started with #skolesurf, but somehow I just got really interesting in surfing when we started surfing with the school. I think it was that time I understood that it was really fun and something I could be good at if I worked and practiced hard enough. Manage to stand on the board and actually surf made me want to start surfing for real.

You are now representing Ervik Surfshop as a Local Teen Rider, How does that make you feel?
– It is really fun to be a part of the Ervik Surfshop team, and it is a cool thing to start! I am proud of representing Ervik Surfshop as a Local Teen Rider, and I hope we manage to inspire others to start surfing! That people can get the opportunity to try, I think is important.

Why do you love surfing?
– I love surfing because it makes me feel so free! When I go into the water and catch a wave I feel so relieved, and nothing else matters at the time! It is so much fun and it really gives me a feeling of freedom!

What are your future dreams?
– Well, I am only 16 years, so next year I am going to move away in the week for school, but I hope to get a lot of surf when I am home in the weekends! I really want to learn more and develop myself in surfing. Otherwise I want to explore the world and if I get the opportunity sometime, try to surf in another country.