Hang in there! New boards in September

Our two awesome shapes “Trustor” (5´11, 22″) and “Bäsk” (6´6, 22″), that we have designed and adapted for Scandinavian conditions, are already sold out. But dont worry. A new order is on its way arriving in September.

We have also developed two new prototypes for the next level of surfing in our scandinavian waters. “Ervik Special” (5´8, 20,8″ singel fin) and “Højre” (5´8, 20″). If they works as planned they will be available in the shop and on the web for the next season.

Just be patient. The boards arrives with the nice september swell. Meanwhile, come visit us in the shop on your way to Ervik. We have some really nice boards from 7S, Watercooled and Tika. And all other equipment you need for your session.



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