Marius Mathisen

Marius Mathisen!

Marius Mathisen, pretty much the first born local surfer at Stadt, has joined our team as a team rider. Born 1999, he is our youngest rider, and his career has just begun. Marius is so much fun to meet in the lineup. He really loves surfing and his passion is transferred to everybody around. That’s why we are so proud to have him in our team.

Name: Marius Mathisen
Lives: Stadlandet (Studies in Aalesund)
Born: 1999
Profession: Student
Surfs: 5 ́11 Trustor from Ervik Surfshop, and everything else I can get my hands on
Past surf experience: Got the 3:d place in NM (junior class) at Stadt March 2016 and Semi final in Hoddevik Surf festival 2014.

Why do you ride our 5 ́11 Trustor?
– The Trustor is the perfect shortboard for me and for surfing in Hoddevik in general. It has got a lot of volume and a great shape. I love that board.

Now you are an Ervik Surfshop Team Rider, why did you wanna become a part of our team?
– You have always supported me since I started surfing, and I got my first surfboard from Ervik Surfshop. And if there is anything I’m wondering about, surf related issues; I come to you because I know you got the answer. When I got a message from you guys and you asked if I wanted to become a part of the team. I couldn’t say no.

You grew up next to all the waves here at Stadt, when did you start taking advantage of that?
– I started to surf four years ago, before that I was into downhill longboarding and sliding, and I was very social. Like the time when I was in the local shop and saw some guys that had the surfer look, I just went to talk with them about surfing, and how the waves was and where they was from and all those things. I didn’t really know anything about surfing at that time but I’ve been very interested in surfing a long time before I even started. I remember that time I was in Florida like 5 years ago, we were just walking in the street and I saw a surf shop for the first time. I went in there and was just looking around for a long time, and I went out crying because I didn’t get a surfboard from my dad. A while after that I came home and Akka Surf in Hoddevik hooked me up and had some surf courses with me. And then I started to surf almost everyday.

You got the 3:d place in NM 2016 (junior class). Tell me more:
It was just like a normal surf session, some good friends surfing together in the final. Sadly I didn’t get a lot of waves, mostly just takeoffs and pounded by some big sets. But happily I made 3:d place.

What do you wanna achieve as a team rider for Ervik Surfshop?
– I wanna represent Ervik Surfshop in the best way possible, and let other people know where to get awesome boards and all other things they need for the surf session up here at Stadt.

Thanks a lot Marius. We love you and welcome you to the team!

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