Marthe Thelen Sjåstad

Lives: Stadlandet
Born: 2002


Hi Marthe! Welcome to the Ervik Surfshop Team! We are so stoked to have you representing us. People are curious, tell us a little bit about yourself…
– I am a 16 year old girl, who likes outdoor activities. I’m soon finishing my last year at Stadlandet school, and looking forward to start my further education at Nordfjordeid. In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends and of course to go surf.

You have had a couple of years #skolesurf now, did that anyhow affected your interest in surfing?
– Yes! The reason why I got hooked was when Calle (Head coach and owner at Ervik Surfshop) introduced us to surfing with #skolesurf.

You are now representing Ervik Surfshop as a Local Teen Rider, How does that make you feel?
– I am proud to represent Ervik Surfshop as a Local Teen Rider. Hopefully one day I will represent our team in a competition.

Why do you love surfing?
– I love surfing because I get this amazing feeling and sense of achievement every time I ride the waves in Hoddevik or Ervik. I always liked being in the water, so surfing is the perfect activity for me.

What are your future dreams?
– For the next three years I will move to Nordfjordeid to study. Hopefully i will manage to hit some waves in the weekends and holidays.