OCK Surfboards: New boards and shapes are on the way!

We are very happy and very proud!

In August we will fill up the shop with brand new shapes and designs from our new brand “OCK Surfboards” #OCKsurfboards. OCK Surfboards are the true Scandinavian surf brand made by Scandinavians for Scandinavian waters, with plenty of volume and great shapes that let you catch more waves then ever before. We are proud to present:

OCK Surfboards:

“Trustor” (5´11, 22,0″, 2,6″ – 38,3 l vol),
“Bedrock” (fishtail 6´6, 22´8″, 2,7″ – 42,2 l vol),
“Cocktail” (5´8, 22,5″, 2,6″ – 38,4 l vol).

“Peacock” (7´6, 22″, 2,8″ – 52,4 l vol).

“Pastor” (9´5, 23,3″, 2,9″ – 76 l vol.)

See you in the water! Lets catch the waves!