Runa Weidemann

Runa Weidemann!

Let us introduce Ervik Surfshop Team rider – Runa Weidemann. Runa has one of the biggest hearts out there. She makes people feel good just by being close to them! If you’re having a bad day, there is no better cure then a session with Runa. It is impossible not to get affected by her natural charisma, her joy of life, and her love for surfing. That’s why we love her, and are super proud to have her in our team.

Name: Runa Weidemann
Lives: Stadlandet / Indonesia
Profession: Social worker / entrepreneur
Surfs: 6’4 fish / 5’10 Chilli Cherry Peppa / the occasional longboard
Past experience: I’ve been surfing since 2012 mostly in Stad, Indonesia and Hawaii

Wats up Runa! Who are you, and what are you doing?
– Since I started surfing in 2012 my life has been about finding ways to spend time in the water. I started off volunteering for a surf-camp in Bali, quickly realized that place wasn’t for me, but I had already fallen in love with Indonesia and have been there on and off for about two years over the past four. Add nine months in Hawaii and a year in Stad and that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to since I started surfing! Along the way I’ve been organizing music festivals, started an international kindergarten, volunteered as an English teacher, taken half a masters degree and surfed a whole lot!

You are now representing Ervik Surfshop as Team Rider, Why did you wanna become a part of our team?
– Ervik Surfshop’s mission to spread joy and love for nature and the ocean completely resonates with my values. Especially in Hawaii I experienced so much hostility and competitiveness in the surf, which could completely ruin a session for everyone around. Stadt is a small place with an increasing number of surfers and I believe that having Ervik Surfshop as a heart of our surf community, promoting positive vibes in the water, can play a big role in keeping the awesome spirit of the Stad-lineups. Which of course makes me proud to be a part of the team! As well as having some formal ties to Stadt when I head off to Indo, reminding me when it’s time to come home.

You truly are an ambassador for Stadt. That’s awesome! Why do you go here whenever you can?
– Stadt was the first place I surfed without a surf-school. It was in April and a snowy, stormy, head-high mess. I spent my entire first two sessions trying to get out with no luck. Still, the feeling of being a tiny piece of the amazing nature around me, of being able to be out there in the crazy, cold ocean and not die, got stuck in me. It felt empowering to handle the elements, even if I never got to stand on the board, I felt like I knew how to work with the mess around me instead of being intimidated and controlled by it. I got a feeling of having supernatural powers and really belonging in the ocean that I only get when surfing winter waves in Stadt. Also the people who come here play a huge part in my love for this place. Coming to Stadt to surf, especially in the winter, takes a special type of person. This person has a passion for nature, the environment, adventure, the little things in life and a pinch of healthy craziness. Over the years I’ve spent here, I’ve met people who have taught me facts and life lessons, asked the important questions and become close friends. The resource of awesome people in Stadt keeps blowing me away every time I return.

We heard you have something going on in Indo! Huh! Tell me more:
– I’m working on establishing a surf camp concept for women. I see so many girls struggling to find the confidence to catch the waves they want and claim their space in a crowd. And I fought a lot with it myself and still do sometimes. This camp is designed for the participants to learn to understand why they hesitate and how to overcome it. To get more confident out there. It’s a project where I can combine my love for surfing, my personal experience with developing as a surfer and my passion for working with people. It lets me fulfill my dream of running my own thing according to my values while contributing to other people’s lives. It will take a while before I know whether I can make it sustainable financially, but the journey to get there is exciting and rewarding, and whether I make it or not, I’m learning a lot and I’m living my dream.

Why do you love surfing?
– My friend in Indo keeps referring to how ultimately, surfing is riding the energy of the sun – transferred from heat to pressure to waves to surfboard. We get to utilize a tiny part of this energy and be a part of that chain. How awesome is that? I can probably write a book about all the reasons why I love surfing, but when it comes down to it, surfing makes me completely happy and in my experience heals anything faster than time.

What do you wanna achieve as a team rider for Ervik Surfshop?
– Sometimes, especially when I was a beginner or when I surf in a new place, I find it hard to be confident in the water – even if I know I can easily handle the conditions. Having someone give me a smile, cheering me on a wave or even just saying hi, makes a huge difference in low confidence situations. I think my main mission as a team rider will be doing my part in making other people feel welcome in the water, adhering to and spreading the values of Ervik surfshop.

Thanks a lot Runa. We love you and welcome you to the team!