Surfing during schooltime!

Today is a happy day. šŸ™‚
All is now set to give all ungdomsskoleelever in Selje kommune free surfinglessons / swimlessons in Hoddevik during school-time – 20 times per year until winter 2019.
This is really important and could be life-saving in the future. All of us living by the coastline need to know how the ocean, the waves and the currents work, and the students get to learn this at the same time as they are having fun in the water.
Big thanks to all sponsors that made this possible: Lapointcamps, Stadpipe, Ervik Havfiske, Stad Surfing, Dragebygg, Paneda, Fiskevegn, Akka Surf, O’Neill, Ervik Surfshop. It is thanks to you all that this is happening. We start in April with the first group of surfkids!