Two weeks of #skolesurf in perfect conditions

We just need to use one word to describe the last two weeks of intence #skolesurf and swim lesson in Hoddevik with 8:th, 9:th and 10:th grade from Selje Ungdomsskule:


The weather was super, the surf was perfect, the conditions for swimming were really good. Almost no wind, and super stoked students in the water.
There is no better way to end the day in the water then getting comments like “This was so much fun”, and “Do we really have to go up? I wanna surf more”, from the school kids.


Thanks alot to the instructors, teachers and students for making the past two weeks into something to remember for a long time to come…
Now we really look forward to start with Stadlandet ungdomsskule in the beginning of May!

And of course again a big thanks to the sponsors that make all this possible: Lapoint Travels, Ervik Havfiske, Stadpipe, Stad Surfing, AS Fiskevegn, Paneda, Akka Surf, Dragebygg, och O´neill. Without you this would not be possible…