Ulrik Schjalm

Ulrik Schjalm!

Let us introduce Ervik Surfshop Team rider – Ulrik Schjalm. As all our Team riders Ulrik is a lovely person, not just a great surfer. He is confident and not afraid to tell others what he thinks, but still such a gentlemen in the lineup. And even if he is deepest in the take off, he always shouts out: “Party wave”. That’s why we love him and are super proud to have him representing our team.

Name: Ulrik Schjalm
Lives: Eltvik, Stadlandet, Norway
Profession: Carpenter and runs Bølgen Bygg
Surfs: Pukas 6”0′ Klima 6”3′ Pastor 9”5′
Past experience: living life with all its apples and onions.

Whats up Ulrik! Who are you, and what are you doing?
– I’m a 26 years old happy dude. I grew up in a small town called Rena, in Österdalen. Ever since I was little I had great contact with the nature, my family always spent time outside fishing, hunting, gathering berries and mushrooms or just hanging out. My parents told me a great number of things about the nature. This is still, and will always be, the passion in my life and I enjoy the nature in every way possible. Snowboarding has always been my number one activity, but when I tried surfing I instantly got hooked. It made me quit my job and sell my apartment so I could have time to have fun in the water and learn to master the waves. And the surf has become a big part of my life and, time after time, made me fuck up my rational thinking in the hunger of waves. I now know whats important in life: ”Having fun”.

You are now representing Ervik Surfshop as Team rider, Why did you wanna become a part of our team?
– I think you are fantastic persons and your shop is the coolest place ever. You bring a lot of joy into my life here at Stadt. Im proud to be representing your shop, and thereby you. Its a great place and a great hangout in the beautiful landscape of Morkadalen. This is also something that will push me to evolve my skills as a surfer.

You moved to Stadt for the surf. That’s awesome! Tell me more?
– Stadt is a beautiful place, with or without the surf. It holds a special kind of energy. And the waves are really good. Stadt has it all. Big scary points that only works on big conditions, easy beachbreaks and a lot of other beautiful spots.

You like our 95´Pastor and our 5´11 Trustor. Why?
– The 95′ Pastor is fun to ride, gives me more and more pleasure every time I surf it. And the Trustor with a twinfin setup is just plain funky!

How is it living at Stadt permanently?
– As I mentioned earlier Stad is beautiful. It puts me in a good state of mind, and the nature here is wass.

Why do you love surfing?
– Surfing is to connect with nature and the ocean, its fun, challenging and from time to time it can give you a good beating. As simple as that!

What do you wanna achieve as a Team rider for Ervik Surfshop?
– Greatness!

Thanks a lot Ulrik. We love you and welcome you to the team!